Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Featured Read: Willow Row by Lisa Phillips

Today's featured read is a women's fiction novel from the ever-so-talented Lisa Phillips. You might be familiar with her as the author of the Everlasting vampire trilogy: Obsession Everlasting, Knight Everlasting, and Rogue Everlasting, but she's proven her skill at crossing genres with this story full of lively characters, gut-wrenching emotion, tough decisions, and the fallout that goes with them.

In Phillips' novel, Lizzie St. Claire has had just about all she can take. Her marriage ended

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reading Romances 2012 November Challenge

As Nat says at the Reading Romances blog, we're only two months away from 2013! Where has the year gone? I guess on reading challenge posts I don't much care about time passing, because these days remind me how many great books I've read. Be sure to visit to check out the November prizes.

The November challenges are listed below and don't forget you can choose as many options as you want.

1) Read two books written by the same writer under

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