Friday, October 30, 2009

Write Stuff Friday

Yup, it's been a write stuff sort of week. Because I'm surrounded by the incredible support of author friends who've made my mini blog tour so much fun!!!

Today - all week actually - Alyssa Montgomery has been focused on the Pixie Chicks, the main characters in my Hobbitville saga of short stories. She's been asking great interview questions, posting critical reviews and excerpts, and helping me get the word out about this series.

Bottom line: Alyssa has been awesome.

Still a teen, she's a multi-published author in her own right, with Mr. Mysterious, Mysterious No More, Where Are You, and her latest release Michael Springer. Plus one of her short stories was included in the Missing anthology. She's a avid reader and has been writing since her elementary school days, so she knows when she meets a great story. Her comments and insights are invaluable!

So check out Alyssa's titles with Echelon Press - you won't be disappointed!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Write Stuff Thursday

Today's another thank you day - This time kudos go to Nick Valentino for hosting me, well Lana, on his blog today. Since Lana's handling the tour (apparently) I'm free to handle the thank yous and such over here.

Nick is the author of Thomas Riley, a steam punk adventure featuring weapons designers, alchemy and what else? Sky Pirates! I love this book and it's obvious Nick loved writing it. You'll be drawn in, turning pages and happily ignoring work and losing sleep until you reach 'the end'. Isn't that the way a book is supposed to be? And Nick is so enthused, about this genre as well as seeing his book in print. The interview over at Tor will give you all kinds of insight into Nick the author, and potential world conqueror.

The pre-sales from Echelon started on October 23rd, which means you can get your copy of Nick's amazing story before it even hits bookstore shelves. Just visit You can even enlist as a sky pirate or get ideas for creating your own steam punk look!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Write Stuff Wednesday

What is Write Stuff Wednesday all about?

Usually it's about authors and writing. Today it's about thanking those authors who are willing to help out and have fun online.

Mary Cunningham (of Cynthia's Attic fame) is one of those authors who goes above and beyond. She's hosting the first stop on my first ever blog tour - no matter that it's to promote a short story and it's a mini tour...she just dove in and did everything to make it easier.

Mary writes great books starring two young friends who travel through time thanks to a magic trunk in Cynthia's attic. Her characters are vivid, the adventures challenging, and like Mary herself, the whole package is vibrant and fun.

She's one of those people that you're happy to know and her books are definitely must reads! So here's a Write Stuff salute with many, many thanks to Mary Cunningham!

Don't cheat yourself, go explore Cynthia's Attic now!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Write Stuff Wednesday

Poe may be the king of October, but I'm declaring myself princess for today! The Shadow Stone, the latest installment of the Hobbitville saga, is now available at Echelon Press. It is after all, a story about Halloween and Halloween is the 'season' of pretending!

Shadow Stone features the lovely Lana, as she struggles to keep up with her other Pixie Chick girlfriends. They can use the garden statuary to jump to other places, but so far, Lana's been jump impaired and locked in Hobbitville. Not that it isn't a nice garden, it's just so normal! She's eager for the excitement and possibilities that seem to drift just out of her reach!

So, as princess for today, I'm making my first decree - disguised as a request - please visit me at the Echelon Press Shorts Blog! I'm over there today - taking questions and comments - so stop by Echelon Press Shorts and check out the latest news from Hobbitville. We can chat about Halloween and fall - what you love, what you hate, or even what you love to hate! Plus there's all kinds of excellent short story authors over never know who you might meet!

And what princess could stop herself with only one decree?
Go buy your copy of the Shadow Stone today!
(and pssst - I just found out it's on SALE!)

Once you've read it (or if you'd like a sample before you're convinced) pay me a visit on my trick-or-treat style mini blog tour:

October 28 I'll be talking Friendship with Mary Cunningham and her gal Gus in Cynthia's Attic.
October 29 Nick Valentino, author of the upcoming steampunk novel Thomas Riley is playing host.
October 30, I'll be having fun with the multi-talented teen author Alyssa Montgomery.

See you then!

Fall, Friends, and Family

I love this season...apples by the bushel at roadside stands, warm cider, the state fair, football and marching band, Fall has always been my favorite (at least until spring rolls around). Maybe because I spent summers away from my school friends, fall meant reconnecting.

As an only child, I think Friends are especially important. I spent the best summers of my life with my two grandparents and about 300 other retirees who became my buddies and my extended family. It was wonderful, and I think I've always treasured friends - those who just pass through our lives briefly, those who are there for the duration, and every sort of friend in between.

Now, as nearly all of my original family and summer buddies have passed on, I find Family in my husband and kids, but also I find myself extending the meaning to encompass my friends. Those relationships are precious and as busy as we all are, I try to show my appreciation for the joy and support they bring to my life!

Give your family - and your friends - a hug today!

and look for Shadow Stone - a Halloween short from Hobbitville - coming soon from Echelon Press Shorts!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Write Stuff Wednesday

Today's Write Stuff is all about Poe (1809-1849). A week after the anniversary of his death (typically belated as I am), and right in the heart of October, is the perfect time to think about Poe and all he did for Poe-try... and prose!

The first time I studied the Tell-Tale Heart, I heard hearts beating everywhere for days (True!) and learned the tough lesson that Poe had a way of getting under my skin. A great gift for an author to affect a reader, but not much fun for wimpy me! In years since, I've come to appreciate the work as well as the man known best for his gloomy themes.

Here's Vincent Price enacting the Tell-Tale Heart by E.A. Poe

Growing up I associated Poe geographically with Boston and the Northeast, but living in South Carolina I've learned he was actually stationed here - under an alias he used to enlist in the US Army. Rumors abound about his life, his inspirations and his death - even (or especially) after all this time. Supposedly the woman who inspired the poem Annabel Lee is buried in Charleston. Of course many people have analyzed the poem and claimed it was about his wife, while at least two other women claimed to have been the spark for that piece - and that Poe said so himself. Hmmm, one wonders if the man was an accomplished charmer for all his spooky stylings.

Most budding authors are warned that while Poe was a literary genius from which entire genres of literature sprouted, we should avoid his drinking and/or drug habit when crafting our own tales. This IS solid advice as the publishing world has changed in the one hundred sixty years since Poe's death and being sober certainly aids in successful networking and marketing!

So what's your favorite piece of Poe-try or Prose from this notoriously accomplished author and editor?

Wishing you much writing this Wednesday - spooky or otherwise!

Monday, October 12, 2009

the Abominable Truth

It's true and I'll own it - I've been ignoring my blog responsibilities! It stunned me to see my last major entry was September 4! Yikes!

People where did the time go?

Well, first, there's all the other stuff that goes on behind the author's desk (call it life) and it got a little crazy. Silly me- I thought sending the daughter away to school would result in more time for me. It only worked until she got hurt. Now I'm making 400 mile round trips for doctor visits - ACK! But I have learned how to settle into a hotel room fast - feel at home - and pack up just as quickly.

But we all have "Life" and so many of my author friends do better at this blog thing...and while I hate falling off the wagon, I've learned just how and where to expend my energy to the best advantage for my stories and the goings on behind my desk. Best of all, I've learned it's pretty easy to hike myself back up on that wagon! Hurrah for fresh starts!

So now I'm loading up the blog "To Infinity and Beyond!" and looking for intriguing things to post - if you've got something you'd like to know about me, my books, or my domestic zoo - please let me know!

And many thanks to those of you who keep checking in to see if I've gotten my blog act together yet!

Happy Fall, Y'all!