Thursday, October 29, 2009

Write Stuff Thursday

Today's another thank you day - This time kudos go to Nick Valentino for hosting me, well Lana, on his blog today. Since Lana's handling the tour (apparently) I'm free to handle the thank yous and such over here.

Nick is the author of Thomas Riley, a steam punk adventure featuring weapons designers, alchemy and what else? Sky Pirates! I love this book and it's obvious Nick loved writing it. You'll be drawn in, turning pages and happily ignoring work and losing sleep until you reach 'the end'. Isn't that the way a book is supposed to be? And Nick is so enthused, about this genre as well as seeing his book in print. The interview over at Tor will give you all kinds of insight into Nick the author, and potential world conqueror.

The pre-sales from Echelon started on October 23rd, which means you can get your copy of Nick's amazing story before it even hits bookstore shelves. Just visit You can even enlist as a sky pirate or get ideas for creating your own steam punk look!


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