Friday, October 30, 2009

Write Stuff Friday

Yup, it's been a write stuff sort of week. Because I'm surrounded by the incredible support of author friends who've made my mini blog tour so much fun!!!

Today - all week actually - Alyssa Montgomery has been focused on the Pixie Chicks, the main characters in my Hobbitville saga of short stories. She's been asking great interview questions, posting critical reviews and excerpts, and helping me get the word out about this series.

Bottom line: Alyssa has been awesome.

Still a teen, she's a multi-published author in her own right, with Mr. Mysterious, Mysterious No More, Where Are You, and her latest release Michael Springer. Plus one of her short stories was included in the Missing anthology. She's a avid reader and has been writing since her elementary school days, so she knows when she meets a great story. Her comments and insights are invaluable!

So check out Alyssa's titles with Echelon Press - you won't be disappointed!


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