Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Write Stuff Wednesday

Poe may be the king of October, but I'm declaring myself princess for today! The Shadow Stone, the latest installment of the Hobbitville saga, is now available at Echelon Press. It is after all, a story about Halloween and Halloween is the 'season' of pretending!

Shadow Stone features the lovely Lana, as she struggles to keep up with her other Pixie Chick girlfriends. They can use the garden statuary to jump to other places, but so far, Lana's been jump impaired and locked in Hobbitville. Not that it isn't a nice garden, it's just so normal! She's eager for the excitement and possibilities that seem to drift just out of her reach!

So, as princess for today, I'm making my first decree - disguised as a request - please visit me at the Echelon Press Shorts Blog! I'm over there today - taking questions and comments - so stop by Echelon Press Shorts and check out the latest news from Hobbitville. We can chat about Halloween and fall - what you love, what you hate, or even what you love to hate! Plus there's all kinds of excellent short story authors over there...you never know who you might meet!

And what princess could stop herself with only one decree?
Go buy your copy of the Shadow Stone today!
(and pssst - I just found out it's on SALE!)

Once you've read it (or if you'd like a sample before you're convinced) pay me a visit on my trick-or-treat style mini blog tour:

October 28 I'll be talking Friendship with Mary Cunningham and her gal Gus in Cynthia's Attic.
October 29 Nick Valentino, author of the upcoming steampunk novel Thomas Riley is playing host.
October 30, I'll be having fun with the multi-talented teen author Alyssa Montgomery.

See you then!

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