Monday, October 12, 2009

the Abominable Truth

It's true and I'll own it - I've been ignoring my blog responsibilities! It stunned me to see my last major entry was September 4! Yikes!

People where did the time go?

Well, first, there's all the other stuff that goes on behind the author's desk (call it life) and it got a little crazy. Silly me- I thought sending the daughter away to school would result in more time for me. It only worked until she got hurt. Now I'm making 400 mile round trips for doctor visits - ACK! But I have learned how to settle into a hotel room fast - feel at home - and pack up just as quickly.

But we all have "Life" and so many of my author friends do better at this blog thing...and while I hate falling off the wagon, I've learned just how and where to expend my energy to the best advantage for my stories and the goings on behind my desk. Best of all, I've learned it's pretty easy to hike myself back up on that wagon! Hurrah for fresh starts!

So now I'm loading up the blog "To Infinity and Beyond!" and looking for intriguing things to post - if you've got something you'd like to know about me, my books, or my domestic zoo - please let me know!

And many thanks to those of you who keep checking in to see if I've gotten my blog act together yet!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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