Friday, January 30, 2009


Ta-Da! Regan's Realm has arrived, thanks to blogspot! And of course thanks to Echelon Press and Quake, without whom I wouldn't have published books to blog about.

Of course, this is only day one so indulge me while I let you in on a few secrets:

As a wife and mom, most likely I write to escape the mundane. Except in a house with two active kids, two retired greyhounds (plus or minus a foster dog), two cats and three birds, mundane doesn't often apply.

As an author I write action-packed adventures for adults and young readers, too. My book covers will soon appear to your left, in a slide show. (I love cool gadgets!) Geared toward adults, Justice Incarnate was first, followed by Invasion of Justice. There are a couple more stories from that same world in the Echelon anthologies of Heat of the Moment and the soon to be released Missing anthology - you'll hear more about that soon.

My most recent work has been geared toward young adults and I'm so very proud to be part of the AWESOME team of Quake authors.

My first title specific to Quake is the Pixie Chicks. It's a short story starring a quartet of girls in the high school marching band. The drum major dubbed them 'Pixie Chicks' during their freshman band camp and, as so often happens, the nickname is now unshakable. Together they face the typical challenges of high school (homework and guys) and the atypical mysteries of the secret band hangout known as Hobbitville (how DO those statues become portals to other gardens?) Hey for only $2, it's 'one great value' for adventuresome readers.

So tune in, say hello, and come back often, because I'll be here!

Happy Reading!

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