Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Write Stuff Wednesday

I love the prompt on the One Minute Writer blog today: write about something you stole (real or fiction). This is an excellent prompt that can take you anywhere, even through time.

Rewind my life to the age of four and you'd find me standing with my parents at the cash register of Dad's favorite restaurant. There was a bowl of candy right at eye level (those chocolate creme mints in shiny wrappers). Yum. That was all I was thinking. Maybe the shine mesmerized me, I certainly blame the resulting glare for dimming the price label...but I digress.

My little paw sneaked out there and nabbed one shiny yummy candy - ta-dah! Pride and success quickly faded beneath parental disapproval and lengthy lectures on the perils of crime. I listened (still clinging to the candy like any good four year old) and must've had the puppy eyes, because the employee offered to let me to keep it. Possibly because the chocolate layer was melting...

Anyway, I wasn't hauled away to the pokey (my first official ride in a police car didn't come for a-whole-nother year) but I wasn't allowed to keep the candy either, because I didn't have the nickel to pay for it. Tough lesson.

Fast forward to present day and ask me if I've learned the moral? Sure - stealing chocolate means you have to settle for the parts that melted on your fingers and you miss all the yum of the gooey center. Even now, I carry a quarter or two, just for the mints by the register.

As for fictional thefts, Pixie Chick Brianna Fairchild finds a ransom note where her favorite necklace should be. If she wants it back, she'll have to brave the mysterious Hobbitville gardens.

Now go write your own stuff! And when you're ready to relax with a good read in your favorite genre, try one of the Quake authors!


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  1. I love me some Peppermint Patties...and Charlie Brown too.

  2. Okay, now you've got me curious about the police car ride...

  3. Me too, Jackie. I don't remember that story Mom...

    Love ya,

  4. Well Jackie and Iris, I guess you'll have to stay tuned...and hope I crack under the pressure. bwahahahaha