Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Write Stuff Wednesday

I'm thrilled to announce I'll be teaching another LRWA online class in April!

This time around it's A Perfect Ending! (that's short for : 'How Movies teach us to keep our characters challenged right up to The End')

I've designed this class to use popular movies like Indiana Jones, Practical Magic, Van Helsing, and more to illustrate the best way to put the right wrap on your novel.

Having screwed up more endings than I'd like to admit, and having a manuscript rejected because the ending was too predictable, I've gathered some tips and tricks to make your readers say, "WOW!"

So if you write stuff, but struggle with capturing that perfect ending, this is your chance! No matter your genre, this class will be a fun way to improve your craft and connect with other authors.

Reserve your place in LRWA's online classroom today!

Happy Writing!

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