Friday, April 17, 2009

Finding New Authors

How do you find new authors, or at least authors new to you?

Years ago, I'd missed the Diana Gabaldon launch of her stunning Outlander series, until both my mother-in-law and a best friend recommended it. I was immediately hooked on Jamie and Claire and have followed faithfully, sharing theories and such with other fans, as well as recommending the series to others.

Then there was the time I signed up for a conference by Julia Quinn. Not wanting to be the only one present unfamiliar with her books, I picked up the latest in her Bridgerton series and was instantly in love with her voice and her dear stories. I've since made addicts of my daughter, two neighbors and some other family members.

At that conference, Julia Quinn said she started writing because she'd just finished the last in a series by her favorite author and wanted to fill the gap.

But if your passion for words doesn't flow to writing, how do you fill 'the gap' between releases of an author you treasure?

Do you trust your neighborhood librarian, a friend with similar literary taste, or do you surf the web for reviews or wander a book store until a cover blurb pops for you?

If you're a web wanderer, might I suggest Echelon Press, Quake, or even Amazon. If you're the sort that needs to pick up a book and review the cover copy, my first suggestion is to visit your local library. Librarians are full of information and love to help readers expand their horizons. The same holds true for independent book stores - those people know what's what about their stock and their customers. Of course I usually have good service even at the big stores like Barnes and Noble or Borders.

I've never liked to read in my own genre when I'm writing a book, so I cast a wide net to feed my need to read. What about you?

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  1. I've found a few authors by reading anthologies. If I like an author's short story, I'll probably like an entire book.

    So, um, since Regan brought up Echelon Press, mebbe y'all should try the anthology 'Missing' or 'The Heat of the Moment.'