Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Update

Well there's been much goings on these days! The boarding school daughter is doing GREAT and LOVING life...not sure if it's more about living away from pesky younger brothers or if it's truly about the most awesome opportunities in education. Either way she does call home and it's wonderful to hear her so very happy. And the pesky younger brother has been exploring his musical talents: he's got quite an ear for music and is adding trombone to his brass expertise that began with tuba.

Then there's the latest in my writing career - I've sent some tiny, short stories out into the world recently, as well as FINALLY setting free the third manuscript in the Shadows of Justice series. Whew! Time will tell on all of the above. Most exciting however is my continued work through the Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass. This has been just one epiphany after another. It's thrilling (and a little scary) to watch my writing grow, literally overnight.

Echelon Press is launching a new Short Story division and I'm proud to say the latest in the Hobbitville Saga (young adult) will be featured there in coming weeks. I'll also be featured on the new echelon shorts blog and I'll keep things linked from here to there and twitter to there and facebook to there ....and well you get the idea!

As for what I've been reading? Well, that too will post here soon with links to some of the best books around, because my 'to be read' pile has been offering up some FABULOUS books!

Stay tuned,

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