Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Write Stuff Wednesday

Today's write stuff MUST feature the newest venture from Echelon Press:

Echelon Press Shorts!

This is a line full of the Write Stuff for the right price. Yesterday, I was a guest blogger for the September 1st launch of the line that features excellent short fiction from a wide range of authors. Today - I'm happy to tell you - Marc VunKannon is blogging for your amusement as Chasing His Own Tale is released from the confines of an anthology to stand alone in the spotlight.

This spoof on all things serious may have started from a seed planted by an editor, but Marc grew the story into a vastly entertaining piece of fiction - and the blog's a good read too!

Head on over to Echelon Press Shorts, meet Marc (you won't be sorry) and leave him a comment - you might just win a copy of Chasing His Own Tale!

Happy Reading - especially when you're reading the Write Stuff!

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