Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 10 of Twelve Days of Great Reads

Day Ten? Already? And today's offering from Echelon Press Shorts is just as great as day one!

Here's a peek at what Jeff Martin, author of Dead Holiday, has to say about Christmas:

"Now, don’t get me wrong… I enjoyed receiving the pretty outstanding the Star Wars Millienum Falcon, complete with the suave, vest-wearing Han Solo action figure. (So much better than Luke…but we will keep that our little secret.) But after all that “stuff” mentality wore thin, I realized the deeper meaning of this special time of year had nothing to do with materialistic things but more with being an ambassador of thoughtfulness and compassion."

Read more about what Christmas means to this author at Echelon Press Shorts today. You'll be glad you did. especially if you click here to buy his book as well!

Happy Holiday Reading,

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