Thursday, March 24, 2011

The End Is A Process For This Paranormal Romance Author

Signs “The End” the end is near – at least as the term applies to writing paranormal romance novels.

When I’m drafting a novel, I cycle through the typical highs and lows of a writer’s life. I’m convinced it’s all crap, then thrilled when I nail a tough scene. Then I worry that there isn’t enough plot or conflict to flesh it out. I start dreaming of the amazing success that the next book will be. I even dawdle in deep analysis of my current sales. Often as I approach ‘the end’ I’ll indulge in rich fantasies of of writing historical romances ala Eloisa James or Sabrina Jeffries.

But I know I’m close to putting a wrap on a novel when I have to fight intense urges to clean closets, do yard work, remodel the kitchen, or paint.

All these bubbling distractions and emotions present a clear and present danger of quitting the book, possibly even abandoning writing for-ev-er! Or at least until the next sunrise.

My support network is patient as any contact, calls, emails, and lunch dates...


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