Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Post A Paranormal Romance Novel On Facebook?

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve launched my latest paranormal romance novel on Facebook, you aren’t alone. People have repeatedly asked me what I’m thinking or what I hope to accomplish by posting an entire novel, written in “real time”, daily installments on Facebook.

The obvious answer is I’m nuts – putting a book out there before it’s polished to perfection.

The real answer is I’m an alpha female type of paranormal romance author who writes a series readers and reviewers enjoy. This seemed like a fun way to introduce more people to my work and reward them for joining my new page on Facebook.

No, I’m not even close to the 5000 friend limit on my profile, but I wanted a more specific way to connect with readers on the popular social network.

So I’ve been posting a short note (about 1000 words) every day and will continue these daily posts until the book is finished. Then, after I add in the scenes I felt were too ‘intimate’ for facebook and put the book through editing, I’ll release the polished novel on kindle and other ebook outlets.


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