Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adopted Greyhounds Need Martingale Collars

Martingale collars…have I mentioned this fabulous invention lately?

One of the most unique and ‘challenging’ traits of greyhounds is that their necks are bigger than their heads (due to their amazing musculature), so normal collars are useless and put your adopted greyhound at risk by making it too easy to slip away from you when they see something intriguing. Yet for all the strength packed into a greyhound neck, they’re long and also delicate, which means a choke chain type of collar is too harsh and potentially dangerous too.

Martingale collars are the best solution, really they’re the only solution, because you can size them so your adopted greyhound can’t slip that aerodynamic head free just because they’ve seen something they want to chase. Plus, they’re gentle enough that you won’t injure your forever friends in the effort to protect them.

I’ve found many talented people make custom collars out of beautiful fabrics to dress up your adopted greyhounds for any occasion and I love to support their industry.

Boo has a red everyday collar as well as a special Autumn/Halloween collar in a lively candy corn print. Bandit arrived with an everyday collar in green plus a gorgeous martingale collar in hunter green woven with a rather noble design in a metallic thread that suits him perfectly (when he’s calm or worn out from romping). And Brody came to us with a an everyday collar of blue, but when I bought Boo’s candy corn collar, I found a pumpkin print for him. It’s too cute, so he wears that most of the time now.

I like the wider collars for the design and control. I’ve always been a fan of functional things that look good too.

Our first experience with the uselessness of normal collars was when we took our first adopted greyhound Bubbles to a greyhound reunion. They had coursing and our normally quiet and docile Bubbles turned into a barking, excitable creature. She cheered on the coursing competitors, then as they neared the finish line, slipped out of her normal collar to join the fun.

That’s frowned upon, by the way.

We were forgiven since it was so obvious we were newbies to the greyhound world. Then we were kindly directed to the martingale collar vendor. Greyhound people are good folks. After our purchase, Bubbles waited for her turn. Impatiently, cheering furiously, but the martingale collar kept her with us – until it was her turn to take the course.

Live the greyhound adventure!


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