Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was busy with high school career fairs last Thursday and Friday so I didn't take time to bookmark as much good news as I would've liked, but this terrific article about sportsmanship and what's really important in life caught my eye.

There was more news of note at the career fair. I found teens hopeful and excited about the future and that energy is absolutely contagious. I'd like to thank Stratford High School for having me in, the SHS culinary arts department for fabulous pasta salad (among many other fab food items) and I'd like to thank the students for so many good questions about what it takes to be an author. If you didn't stop by my table, here are a few things I shared with those who did:

Imagination this is imperative for fiction writers, but don't rule it out for non-fiction genres. It takes a creative spirit to find the new angle on a topic so that people get interested, or renew their interest.

Love of reading is also crucial for those who want to write. You can learn so much about plot, editing, etc from a well crafted book.

Love of writing is the obvious point, but what kids often overlook is that the more you write, the better you get. It works for fiction, bloggers, journalists, etc. Because every time you write anything you are strengthening your skills in that area.

Of course grammar skills and computer and keyboarding skills are important factors in a writer's career, but if you've got the first three, you can learn the rest, I'm living proof!


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