Friday, February 20, 2009

A Page Out of My Book

OMGosh!!! Lana here, hijacking Regan's blog with breaking news of the amazing kind!

Look what I found...Austin's secret journal! This is like the holy grail of details on every cute guy on the planet! It's like alphabetized and everything. I mean, seriously, check this out under Tanner, Grant:

Currently ranked 25th out of the 582 in our graduating class.
He's crushing on the Amazon.
West Point football coach invited him for a school visit.

Whoa. He plays football and he's smart? Who knew. And ugh about the Amazon. (That's what we call Brie's neighbor Sierra). Guess everyone's gotta love someone, she's just such an annoying sort of bully. Westpoint?!? Really? That's seriously impressive. How does Austin get these sorts of details?

Now, here's a page out of The Pixie Chicks (that series Regan writes about us). Just fyi, in the mini scene below, I've walked to Brie's place after ditching the lame veggie only dinner at my house. Brie's all tweaked and distracted about the evening's plan to walk through Hobbitville - but I'm getting ahead of myself. Must be the hunger. Read on:

Brie was still brooding a little when Lana arrived at the house.

"...I thought they'd never let me off the leash." She went straight for the pantry, pulling out chips and cookies. "If my mom asks, we did some homework and a Pilates routine before we ate carrot and celery sticks for dinner." She dropped the snacks long enough to put her hands in a prayer pose. "Tell me you ordered an extra large meat feast pizza just for me. College will be soo awesome–hey–what's wrong? Where's your necklace?"

"...Sierra threatened to tell that we sneak out," she said to distract Lana.

"Chick is overrated. And over tall. As if we can't amuse ourselves without Hobbitville tonight."

"Shush," Brie snapped, glancing at the intercom settings.

Lana shrugged. "Isn't Mom F in her happy place yet?"

Brie snorted smothering her laughter. "Yeah, she took the pill a few minutes ago. I had to promise to apologize to all of you for her absence."

"College will be soooo awesome," Lana repeated. "Sweet freedom here I come."

"Remind me to tattoo a warning label on your forehead. And we are going tonight."

Lana's face transformed into pure mischief. "Ooo," she reached out and drummed her fingertips on Brie's head, "what's brewing in there?"

Gotta run, but I'll be back soon with more juicy news from Austin's diary. If you can't wait, go on and buy the first Pixie Chicks now from Fictionwise or Quake!


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