Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's All In Your Head

This is great news. It means you've got the power!

Motivational gurus and other smart people (like my dad) will tell you attitude is everything - and they're right! As a kid my dad was big on having a positive outlook, no matter what, and sometimes I couldn't resist replying with "I'm positive that won't work!"

Funny, you say? Yeah, I'm a laugh a minute, but today I'm thankful for those life lessons.

Everyone faces challenges - big and small. Our mental approach is key to reaching the goal in spite of the obstacle. Here are a few tips to keep you thinking positive, amidst the general bad news and negativity that abounds:

1. Look at what is, rather than what is not. It's a cup half full sort of thing. You have a goal to write 5 pages a day, but you only got in two. Celebrate that you've made forward
progress and get back to it at the next opportunity.

2. Change the channel. Absorbed with yourself and the wall you're banging your head against? Look around and see who you can reach out to with a kind word or helping hand. Giving of yourself is often the best way to open your mind to positive solutions.

3. Create a happy place. In your head, or in the world, create some place that is yours alone. It can be a cup of tea, a garden corner, your private journal or a photo collection, but it has to soothe you and make you smile.

4. Feed your brain and heart with good stuff from food to books to TV. Just like healthy food keeps your body in top shape, healthy input keeps your mind sharp and your heart light. World awareness is important, just don't get so mired in troubling news that you can't see the beautiful people doing good things too.

Happy Thinking!

(by the way, that determined feline above is Sterling. He's a beloved member of Regan's Zoo and boasts powerful motivating skills)

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  1. I agree with every one of those. I especially advocate the "create your own space." I would get nothing done if I hadn't set up my office. Yes, I have to give it up when the kids or guests come to visit, but I need that desk and space that's mine.

  2. I was going to comment on my happy place, but it would have been typical male (okay juvenile) humor. Suffice it to say, I agree. (Now I'm not in any trouble).