Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going for the E

It's my palm and I'll read if I want to...wherever I want to...

And I want to! You should read an ebook too!

I've been all over the internet lately about how much fun I'm having and how many great new reading opportunities open up when I can just turn on the palm and be right back in the story. But I've since discovered other advantages - most of them related to reading in bed.

My husband is no longer blinded by my book light when I read in bed.

The palm shuts itself off if I'm idle too long - the book light doesn't have this nifty feature. (yes there have been nights when I've woken up shocked, blinded, and fearing abduction because of that glaring light in my eye)

I save money on the newest hardcover releases and - free bonus - I don't have to worry about wrist strain, breaking my nose, or blacking an eye if I doze off while reading in bed.

Hop on the eBook bandwagon this week!

In the name of shameless promotion, if you follow my blog I'll send you a FREE pdf of Famous Last Words! (yes I took a followers head count before this post went live!)

Happy E-Reading



  1. Ah, Regan, I'm having Palm envy. I've decided I do want an e-reader, but don't have one. I do have a Palm, but it's so old it doesn't have Internet hook up or any kind of hook up. I've gotten a couple of books via pdf, but I already spend hours on the computer every day. I want one I can slip in my purse and read on the plane or at the doctor's office.

    Helen Ginger

  2. Me too! I want one!!!! Never thought I'd say that, but hey, it's the future and I want to be a part of it!


  3. Yay for e-readers and palms! They're i-Pods for books!


  4. The palm pictured in the post is available for $60 and up. Just search for palm z22.

    Happy technology!