Monday, March 9, 2009

Read an eBook!

With all the kindle talk, you might think ebooks mean an expensive outlay - at least at first. How many bestsellers at $10 would it take to make the investment worth it?

That was my concern, too, until I realized I was underestimating my palm. I knew there was software out there to let me read on it, but would I like it?

Turns out the answer is yes! At a friend's encouragement, (thanks Karen Syed) I downloaded the FREE software at eReader and picked out a few books. Within minutes I was engrossed in a totally new genre (horror) I never would've shopped for in a library or at the bookstore. (J.R. Turner's D.F.F. and I highly recommend it on Kindle or Fictionwise or Quake).

So now I'm totally hooked on the ebook concept and will post my adventures throughout the week.

Now it's your turn to discover some eBook joy of your own!

Happy E-Reading!


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