Friday, April 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday

I'm declaring this Fabulous Friday because I've had a lousy week. Not that things are bad, worse, good or indifferent. Just lousy with all those life events you never want to deal with. Medical issues, last wills and testaments, memorial arrangements. You get the idea...

So today will be a Fabulous Friday - I need it.

How will today be better than say, yesterday when I was melt down central?

I'm changing my focus to zero in on what I can do, rather than those things that seem to elude me lately. Like peace, calm, and order. First, I'll pace myself with a good book (thanks Kresley Cole) interspersed with physical therapy, for me and my daughter, some doctor-ordered deep breathing and some essential work on my own novel...I'm always happier when I'm making progress on my own manuscripts. At this point just a single new page would relieve a lot of stress. Maybe a fight scene, or a tear-jerking moment to help me deal with my Grandma's recent death.

Then next week a fresh start with a lighter heart.

Here's wishing you a Fabulous Friday too!



  1. It's fabulous Friday, Regan, because all those traumatic events are behind you! Oh, I know the physical therapy goes on for you and your daughter, and grief over the loss of your grandmother will only ease with time, but you can only go up from here!

    Take time to write. Writing is healing.


  2. Yep, writing can be a stress relief, since you can control everything that happens. I take out a lot of frustrations in my writings ...

    Best wishes for a great week!