Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Direction

If this blog is about a world of reading adventure, it might be handy if I spent more time on the theme of things.

So on that note, let's venture into what makes a book a reading adventure. For me, I read mostly fiction and mostly for escape. I like a book to draw me in fast, so I feel instantly transported into whatever is going on.

That's the big criteria for me no matter the genre and I love them all - almost equally. That doesn't mean I want a dozen mysteries or subplots or dead bodies in the first three pages, I like an author who can strike a balance between intriguing and overwhelming.

And I've been known to put down books that take too long to engage me, though I have more patience in this area with sci-fi and historical romance. I think overall, it's the opening character that grabs me and keeps me reading.

How about you? Is it characterization? Setting? Plot?

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  1. Wow! That's tough! Can't describe exactly what catches me, but I usually know within the first few paragraphs. I love great plots, but also enjoy getting inside the heads of great characters.


  2. I'm with you on the character--I've been known to put down books because the lead is a wet noodle or just too annoying for me to take. The narrative style takes a close second; a good book makes me forget I'm reading words, and a bad one forces me to read the same paragraphs over and over until I get frustrated and throw it across the room!

  3. I know that characterization definitely catches me. If I don't like the characters, then down goes the book! While I'm fine with somewhat complex plots, if there is simply too much going on that I can't keep up, like with what you said, Regan, then I'll put down the book. I'm reading for enjoyment, and while it's good to work your brain while you read, I don't want my brain to go on overload! Haha.


  4. Thanks for all the great comments!