Thursday, April 23, 2009

Off the Top

of my head...

I've just ventured into After the Kiss by Suzanne Enoch. The heroine is a little hard to like at first, but Enoch sprinkled in enough hints as to WHY that I'm sticking with her. (of course a hunky tortured hero doesn't have anything to do with my decision)

And I finished Locker Shock by Pam Ripling and I thought it was great! Another Quake author, Alyssa Montgomery just gave this two thumbs up (here's the full review) and I agree! I don't have much to add to Alyssa's comprehensive review, other than thanks to Pam for a page-turning story with strong characters. It kept me occupied during my daughter's recent physical therapy appointments and I've recommended it to my son.

As for the rest of my world, I must go get with the writing and editing because we have a very busy evening ahead! Daughter (featured at TeenSeen) is inducted to the National honor society tonight and my son has his spring concert- they won awards this year, can't wait to hear it!


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  1. Congratulations to your daughter for her induction into NHS! It's such a prestigious group to be inducted into!