Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Funnies

Okay, so some people have an affinity for languages. My husband for example. For me, it's not that easy, but I enjoy the attempt.

Currently the daughter is taking Spanish and fortunately her father's genes are proving superior. Just this morning we were talking about the Hulk movie when he mis-speaks and tells the bullies they wouldn't like him when he's hungry. Daughter says "I know how to say that now" and proceeds to say something that sounds like hombre to me.

me: "Isn't that friend?"
her: "that's ohm-bray, long oh, mom. Ahm-bray is hungry."

To my untrained ear they sound a LOT a like. What if all this time, the guys have been getting creative and short-cutting the language, combining friend and hunger to tell the world they're off to hang with their 'hungries'?

I like learning a new concept and blending it with what I know: A group of young men greeting and hanging out with their 'hombres' is just a posse in search of snacks. Food I get and can provide no matter the slang tossed around the conversation like nuts on a salad.

I feel so much better, and just in time to go hang with my own 'hungries'.


desperately seeking Rosetta stone
and thankfully still writing her great books in English.
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  1. Kids can be wonderful can't they? Personally I'm with you and off to check out the hungries.

  2. She posted this before I got home... My Spanish teacher got such a kick out of the tale! Honestly, it took her a while to stop laughing!