Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Write Stuff Wednesday

This week's 'write stuff' is more about the stuff that makes great writing: Life.

Think about it...what colors your imagination? What amuses you or gets your blood pumping? That's right - Life. Not just the TV show that airs on Wednesday (though I love it too - great characterization, enough mysteries to keep me guessing, and plenty of Charlie quips), but the honest to goodness day to day of living.

My best friend says there's enough fodder in my day to day life for countless novels - but most of it wouldn't be believable on paper. The bizarre is so mundane in my world I can't even come up with a concise example. I'm an Army wife with two kids, greyhounds, cats, birds and a carpeted family room- the chaos abounds.

Chaos can detract from a writer's primary focus of writing, or it can enhance the overall experience for writers and their readers. In my case, I've learned to stop fighting the inevitable distraction and just write through it. Admittedly, I'll often find odd tangents in a scene - but I cut those and put them in a file that may as well be a scrapbook of my life.

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  1. I used to write with my kids playing Nintendo six feet away. Earplugs and determination. Living a great life is the best thing writers can do for their novels.