Monday, July 27, 2009

Fab Fitness Discovery

I made a great discovery lately - I can read while I'm on the treadmill. The idea used to make me queasy, but now - woo hoo! I've got some mandated reading time!

It's fabulous because I cruised through two great books on my TBR pile while getting fit:

First for the adventurer in you: Medusa
by Clive Cussler/Paul Kemprecos - This NUMA team of Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala is witty and fun and the supportive cast is as impressive as always. Cussler's love of the ocean and man's seafaring history always shine through and I'm forever amazed at how he ties past to present. It's one of the traits I aspire to as an author. But enough about me - The book is one wild, global ride from an 1800's whaler to the very current threat of a pandemic flu. How does the jellyfish on the cover tie in? You'll just have to pick it up and find out! You won't be sorry.

For my romance reading buddies:
you NEED to find yourself a copy of Sleepless in Scotland
by Karen Hawkins. WOW. Hugh MacLean and Caitriona Hurst only want what's best for their siblings, but these two vibrant individualists manage to trap themselves in an unwanted marriage. I laughed, I cried, and I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful reading experience. I believe this is the fourth in a series of five and they've all been so much fun. The MacLean clan is cursed to affect the weather when they get in a temper and that adds such a clever twist to these heartwarming, historical romances.

So go find your own reading adventure!


  1. What a woman, author, reviewer, exerciser...okay, that's all I got. :>)


  2. That's really more than enough, right?