Friday, July 24, 2009

Today's life adventure... all about the shower. No matter that we've got a sleepover winding down this morning and boys want breakfast. No matter that the daughter is eager to see said boys leave. My shower has to come first.


1) There's no longer enough bleach on the planet to get the doors and crevices clean. Don't bother sending me tips, I've tried them all.
2) My shower's a tiny odd size so a replacement door isn't available with out a Save My Bath sort of overhaul
3) I finished another manuscript and I NEED the physical labor - it just works that way for me.

So with the husband out of town it's the perfect time to deal with stuff like this - at least this time he KNOWS I'm making the change. Usually he comes home to myriad surprises. (don't worry I won't let him down).

After a little online research (and pointing the boys toward the food) I'm wrestling with the over-caulked, grime stained shower stall door with the cracked insets...and giving my hands a break by posting about it.

I've finally got the panels out and only one screw left in the frame - so when that caulk gives, I'll be doing the happy dance.

Yeah, some people have real, BIG adventures like Paris in springtime or reading Federer's blog about the birth of his daughters (twins - whoa! - and congrats). But for me - today -I'm happy to know I'll be able to shower in a pretty, sparkling shower stall by morning.

Happy adventures!

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