Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rivalry at Teen-Seen

At Teen-Seen, the community blog for the YA authors of Quake, it's Sibling Rivalry week.

The stories crack me up because I was an only child. I grew up marveling at the idea of living with other young people in the house. I envied my friends when they complained about the hassles, even when they complained about hearing a parent mix up names. In my house, sometimes my mom ran through the roster of dogs - even the dead ones - before she got my name right.

Of course that did give me a little extra time to 'report' for whatever she needed.

An only child may not have to fight over the last cookie, but we don't have any sort of convenient scapegoat either. Especially when your mom kept the cookies in tupperware on top of the fridge rather than in a cookie jar the dog might manage to knock off the counter.

So enough about me - go check out Teen Seen for stories that range from hysterical to inspiring! There's a reason these authors have fans!

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