Friday, August 21, 2009

Arbor Day?

In Reverse!

At the moment there's a truck in my back yard and some brave young man is about to climb a 75 foot pine and start topping it.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I LOVE trees and nature, but sometimes nature needs a helping hand and trees need groomed too.

And yes, we'll be able to have some real grass to romp and play in for the first time in too many years!

Regan - who is so mesmerized by the de-treeing I'm having a hard time focusing on the writing that needs done.

Noon update: They've taken a break for lunch and you wouldn't believe how much better my yard looks already - even with the truck and chunks of tree trunk lying around. This is SO awesome. I admire the expertise and efficiency. If you're in this area and need tree care - call Red's! I've added all kinds of pictures to my facebook page so you can see more of the process for yourself.

More soon!

4pm and these guys are done, stumps and all. They've been at it since before 8am and they've been fantastic! Two seventy-foot pines (give or take a few feet) and countless other smaller trees sized up, trimmed up and cleaned up. It couldn't have been easy with my endless questions and strict feline supervision like this:

WOW. My yard looks at least twice as big and I can't wait until we get some grass in here. I'm actually excited about spending time back here again.

It's hard to find words (and it's sure not easy for a writer to admit that) to express my gratitude to Red and his team. So efficient, knowledgeable and professional - and friendly too. They took care with my property and my family and never stopped smiling - not even when they were up to their elbows in muck trying to dig out a broken gate post. Amazing. Truly Amazing.

And of course, the dogs were thrilled to come and explore the wide open spaces Red's Tree Experts created for them!

Happy Un-arbor day!

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  1. Amazing pics, Regan. I'm sure you're happy to have some elbow room. And, the "little ones" will have more room to play.