Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 8 of Twelve Days of Great Reads

Today Echelon Press Shorts features Lance Zarimba, author of Secret Santa! It seems this holiday tale cropped up when a work situation left him with plenty of time to think. You'll want to pop over to the blog for the whole thing, but here's a highlight:

"As minute by minute dragged by, the steps dug deeper and deeper into my back. Rhonda started to read “The Night Before Christmas” and the ideas started to flow....So I used “The Night Before Christmas” and wove the lines of the story to match several Secret Santa gifts to tell a dark tale, darker than what I usually write."

If you're a writer or an artist, where do your ideas come from? Check out today's post at Echelon Press Shorts and get a peek inside the mind of this entertaining mystery writer.

Happy Holiday Reading!

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