Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Has Arrived!

I'm excited about this new year. It's inevitable to ring in a new year and think about making positive changes - resolutions - for how this will be the best year ever!

I've tried to be careful about resolving too many things at once, but in general 'write more, whine less' is my motto for 2010.

Write more covers everything from my current work-in-progress to my promotional efforts.

Whine less, is pretty self explanatory and covers the rest of it. It's my less profound take on Nike's 'just do it' philosophy. I'm determined to do what needs done, when it needs done, regardless of circumstance or obstacle.

After all, we're only guaranteed the moment, and I want to be as effective as I can in the moments I have.

Happy 2010!

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