Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Write Stuff Wednesday 1/6

My family enjoyed a few movies over the holidays, so those authors, screenwriters, and directors will be honored here over the January Write Stuff Wednesday.

First Blind Side...a football movie? NO WAY! At least not just a football movie. Having grown up in Nebraska, I understand the mentality of a football family, town, state even. But Blind Side was so much more.

What a story about doing your best regardless of circumstance! This is the ultimate no excuses movie. Michael Oher overcame impossible odds (and extreme negligence) to succeed in the classroom and on the football field.

The Touhy family made no excuses either. They offered the hospitality and support that was within their scope to empower a young man destined to otherwise be lost in the maze of 'the system'.

They all grow and benefit in this amazing, true story that exemplifies the best of the human spirit.

I thought the director did an excellent job choosing shots and angles to get the strongest, truest reactions from the audience. Dialogue, or facial expression, this movie was well edited so you felt for the decisions and success of all the characters.

Blind Side, directed by John Lee Hancock and written by Micheal Lewis, is packed with the Write Stuff! If you've only got time for one movie - make time for Blind Side!


Come back next Wednesday for Sherlock Holmes

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