Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Video Games Teach World Building

That’s right, even for paranormal romance writers, gaming can be a serious business enterprise.

No really!

Mod Nation (my son’s latest PS3 acquisition) and similar games can be a great exercise in world building fun. Order or chaos, high tide or low, even the position of the sun or moon, you’re in

control of the universe as you build a racetrack. It’s really cool!

When crafting a paranormal romance novel, you also have the control.

You can make your world big and chaotic, you can lock in a tight follow spot on some detail of immense importance. However you build it, the world building for paranormal romance novels is all about how you want to play – or rather how your characters want to play in the world you create.

There are rules, in games and in world building.

In a game as silly and ‘simple’ as Hamster Ball, the creators were careful to make it make sense. You have three ‘ball’ choices for your hamster during the game: speed, bounce, and strength. Naturally the bounce ball looks like a soccer ball – which makes sense. Even in hamster world, the world building rules matter.

Video game or paranormal romance novel, world building is world building. The more you practice, the better you get. So dream big, down to the smallest detail, make sure it makes sense, then let your characters have the time of their lives entertaining your readers.

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Live the adventure!


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