Monday, August 2, 2010

Adopted Greyhound Gives Alpha Female a Boost

In the ongoing effort to redefine what it means to be the alpha female of my world, our adopted greyhound puppy Bandit has proved inordinately helpful.

Typically when Bandit goes out into the yard, he does his thing, pokes around a bit, then comes back to the door and yips for someone to come out and play with him. That someone is typically me, the alpha female of his pack (besides I’m the one who works at home)

In earlier posts I’ve told you Bandit quickly learned I couldn’t play tug when I got injured, but he refuses to let me feel too useless. On most days I can still go out and toss one of the backyard toys for him.

His favorite is the floppy yellow cowboy our foster greyhound Hank carried out one morning. (our general rule is if a toy goes outside, it stays outside, so Bandit thanks Hank for this).

Smart pup that he is, Bandit doesn’t ask me to bend over and pick up the cowboy. He simply brings it to me (for which I’m glad he’s so tall) I throw it and he brings it back. It’s fun, even when the occasional throw is rather lame, Bandit is the forgiving sort and does his best to affirm my place as alpha female of his heart.

You can read more about Bandit’s arrival and what makes greyhounds such greyt pets in the Adopt A Greyhound Guide. (50% of proceeds go to help greyhound adoption and rescue groups).

Live the greyhound adventure!


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